Tokyo Jihen Discography

2015/08/16 3:47:30 PM
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Tokyo Jihen Discography (Download)

Tokyo JihenTokyo Jihen Discography

Tokyo Jihen (東京事変; also known as The Tokyo Incidents) was a Japanese rock band formed by well-known rock artist Shiina Ringo in 2003. The band was originally comprised of the backing members of her Sugoroku Ecstasy Tour. In 2004, the band debuted with the single “Gunjou Biyori”. After a lineup switch in 2005, their sophomore album Adult reached #1 on the Oricon weekly charts. On January 11th, 2012, Shiina announced that Tokyo Jihen would disband on February 29th following a final farewell tour.

Studio Albums

  1. [2004.11.25] Kyouiku (教育; Education)
  2. [2006.01.25] Adult (大人 (アダルト))
  3. [2007.09.26] Variety (娯楽 (バラエティ))
  4. [2010.02.24] Sports (スポーツ)
  5. [2011.06.29] Daihakken (大発見; Great Discovery)

Best Albums

  1. [2012.02.15] Tokyo Collection (東京コレクション) (live best album)
  2. [2012.08.29] Shinya Waku (深夜枠) (B-side best album)


  1. [2012.01.18] color bars


  1. [2013.02.27] Hard Disk


  1. [2004.09.08] Gunjou Biyori (群青日和; Ideal Days for Ultramarine)
  2. [2004.10.20] Sounan (遭難; Distress)
  3. [2005.11.02] Shuraba (修羅場; The Rat’s Nest)
  4. [2007.07.11] OSCA
  5. [2007.08.22] Killer Tune (キラーチューン)
  6. [2009.12.02] Noudouteki Sanpunkan (能動的三分間: Three Minutes)
  7. [2010.07.23] Tengoku e Youkoso / Dopamint! (天国へようこそ / ドーパミント!; Welcome to Heaven (Where’s Heaven) / Dopamint!)
  8. [2011.05.11] Sora ga Natteiru / Onna no Ko wa Dare Demo (空が鳴っている /女の子は誰でも; The Sky Is Ringing / A Girl Is Anyone)

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