Tokyo Jihen – Tokyo Collection [Album]

Tokyo Jihen – Tokyo Collection [Album]

Download Tokyo Jihen - Tokyo Collection [Album]

Download Tokyo Jihen – Tokyo Collection [Album]


  • Tokyo Jihen


  • Tokyo Collection


  • 2012.02.15


  1. Sanjuunisai no Wakare (三十二歳の別れ; A Separation)
  2. Kinjirareta Asobi (禁じられた遊び; Forbidden Game (Jeux Interdits))
  3. Katsute wa Otoko to Onna (かつては男と女; Formerly Man and Woman (Un Homme Et Une Femme))
  4. Killer Tune (キラーチューン)
  5. OSCA
  6. Mirrorball (ミラーボール) (original: Petrolz)
  7. Fukushuu (復讐; Vengeance)
  8. Pinocchio (ピノキオ)
  9. Senkou Shoujo (閃光少女; Flash Girl)
  10. Toumei Ningen (透明人間; Invisible Man)
  11. Marunouchi Sadistic (丸の内サディスティック; Marunouchi Sadistic)
  12. Superstar (スーパースター)
  13. Gunjou Biyori (群青日和; Ideal Days for Ultramarine)
  14. Yume no Ato (夢のあと; After A Dream)

Download Tokyo Jihen – Tokyo Collection [Album]

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