Tokyo Jihen – Sports [Album]

Tokyo Jihen – Sports [Album]

Download Tokyo Jihen - Sports [Album]

Download Tokyo Jihen – Sports [Album]


  • Tokyo Jihen


  • Sports


  • 2010.02.24


  1. Ikiru (生きる; To Live (Vivre))
  2. Denpa Tsuushin (電波通信; Radio Transmission (Put Your Antenna Up)
  3. Season Sayonara (シーズンサヨナラ; Season Goodbye (Season SAYONARA))
  4. Kachiikusa (勝ち戦; Victory (Win Every Fight))
  5. FOUL
  6. Uten Kekkou (雨天決行; Not Canceled In Case of Rain (Life Will Be Held Even If It Rains))
  7. Noudouteki Sanpunkan (能動的三分間; Three Minutes)
  8. Zettai Zetsumei (絶体絶命; Stalemate (Life May Be Monotonous But The Sun Shines))
  9. FAIR
  10. Noriki (乗り気; Eagerness (Ride Every Wave))
  11. Sweet Spot (スイートスポット)
  12. Senkou Shoujo (閃光少女; Flash Girl (Put Your Camera Down))
  13. Kiwamaru (極まる; To Be Determined (Adieu))

Download Tokyo Jihen – Sports [Album]

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