Tokyo Jihen – Variety [Album]

Tokyo Jihen – Variety [Album]

Download Tokyo Jihen - Variety [Album]

Download Tokyo Jihen – Variety [Album]


  • Tokyo Jihen


  • Variety


  • 2007.09.26


  1. Ramp (ランプ)
  2. Mirrorball (ミラーボール) (original: Petrolz)
  3. Kingyo no Hako (金魚の箱; Goldfish Box)
  4. Shiseikatsu (私生活; Backstage)
  5. OSCA
  6. Kurone Kodou (黒猫道; My Way)
  7. Fukushuu (復讐; Vengeance)
  8. Boutomin (某都民; The Citizens)
  9. SSAW
  10. Tsukigime-hime (月極姫; Monthly Princess)
  11. Sake to Geko (酒と下戸; Sake and a Non-Drinker)
  12. Killer Tune (キラーチューン)
  13. Metro (メトロ)

Download Tokyo Jihen – Variety [Album]

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