SCANDAL Discography

SCANDAL Discography

Scandal-DiscographySCANDAL is a Japanese pop-rock girl band from Osaka, Japan. Formed in August 2006 by four high school girls, they started playing street lives until they were noticed and signed to the indie label Kitty Records. In 2008, they released three singles and a mini-album while performing shows in the United States, France, and Hong Kong. That October, SCANDAL released their major debut single, “DOLL”, under EPIC Records Japan.

The band has performed the theme songs for many anime, including “Shoujo S” for BLEACH, “Shunkan Sentimental” for Hagane no Renkinjutsushi FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST and “Yoake no Ryuuseigun” for Pokémon. With numerous overseas performances and anime theme songs, SCANDAL has built a considerable international fanbase.

Studio Albums

  1. [2009.10.21] BEST★SCANDAL
  2. [2010.08.11] TEMPTATION BOX
  3. [2011.08.10] BABY ACTION
  4. [2012.09.26] Queens are trumps -Kirifuda wa Queen- (切り札はクイーン)
  5. [2013.10.02] STANDARD
  6. [2014.12.03] HELLO WORLD
  7. [2016.03.02] YELLOW
  8. [2018.02.14] HONEY

Best Albums

  1. [2012.03.07] SCANDAL SHOW
  2. [2013.02.06] ENCORE SHOW
  3. [2017.02.15] SCANDAL


  1. [2008.08.08] YAH! YAH! YAH! HELLO SCANDAL ~Maido! SCANDAL Desu! Yah Yah Yah!~ (まいど!スキャンダルです!ヤァヤァヤァ!; We Are SCANDAL) (indie)
  2. [2010.11.17] R-GIRL’s ROCK! (cover mini-album)


  1. [2008.03.03] Space Ranger (スペースレンジャー) (indie)
  2. [2008.04.04] Koi Moyou (恋模様; Love Pattern) (indie)
  3. [2008.05.05] Kagerou (カゲロウ; Mayfly) (indie)
  4. [2008.10.22] DOLL
  5. [2009.03.04] SAKURA Goodbye (SAKURAグッバイ; Cherry Blossom Goodbye)
  6. [2009.06.17] Shoujo S (少女S; Girls)
  7. [2009.10.14] Yumemiru Tsubasa (夢見るつばさ; Dreaming of Wings)
  8. [2010.02.03] Shunkan Sentimental (瞬間センチメンタル; Sentimental Moment)
  9. [2010.06.02] Taiyou to Kimi ga Egaku STORY (太陽と君が描くSTORY; The Story Drawn By You and the Sun)
  10. [2010.07.28] Namida no Regret (涙のリグレット; Tears of Regret)
  11. [2010.10.06] SCANDAL Nanka Buttobase (スキャンダルんかブッ飛ばせ; Sending Scandals Flying)
  12. [2011.02.09] Pride
  13. [2011.04.20] Haruka (ハルカ; Distant)
  14. [2011.07.27] LOVE SURVIVE
  15. [2012.02.22] HARUKAZE (Spring Breeze / 春風)
  16. [2012.07.11] Taiyou Scandalous (太陽スキャンダラス; Scandalous Sun)
  17. [2012.09.12] Pin Heel Surfer (ピンヒールサーファー)
  18. [2013.05.22] Awanai Tsumori no, Genki de ne (会わないつもりの、元気でね; I Don’t Intend to See You Again, Take Care)
  19. [2013.08.14] Kagen no Tsuki (下弦の月; Waning Moon)
  20. [2013.09.18] OVER DRIVE
  21. [2014.02.12] Count ZERO / Runners high (T.M.Revolution / SCANDAL)
  22. [2014.04.23] Departure
  23. [2014.07.16] Yoake no Ryuuseigun (夜明けの流星群; A Meteor Shower at Dawn)
  24. [2014.11.19] Image
  25. [2015.07.22] Stamp!
  26. [2015.09.09] Sisters
  27. [2016.01.30] Morning sun
  28. [2016.07.27] Take Me Out (テイクミーアウト)
  29. [2017.10.22] Koisuru Universe (恋するユニバース)

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