Oku Hanako Discography

Oku Hanako Discography

Oku Hanako

Oku Hanako (奥華子) is a Japanese pop artist who uses her keyboard almost exclusively in her works. She mainly performs light piano ballads. She made her indies debut in 2000 and signed to a major record label in 2005.



  1. [2006.03.01] Yasashii Hana no Saku Basho (やさしい花の咲く場所; The Place Where Beautiful Flowers Bloom)
  2. [2007.03.21] TIME NOTE
  3. [2008.03.05] Koi Tegami (恋手紙; Love Letter)
  4. [2009.07.15] BIRTHDAY
  5. [2010.08.18] Utakata (うたかた; Bubble)
  6. [2012.02.22] good-bye
  7. [2014.03.19] Kimi to Boku no Michi (君と僕の道; Our Road)


  1. [2000.02.08] Ai no Shizuku (愛のしずく) (indies)

Best Albums

  1. [2005.04.20] vol. best (indies)
  2. [2011.06.22] Kimi no Egao -smile selection- (君の笑顔)
  3. [2012.10.17] Oku Hanako BEST -My Letters- (奥華子)


  1. [2004.02.11] Jishu Seisaku Oku Hanako vol.1 (自主制作 奥華子) (self-production)
  2. [2004.04.25] Jishu Seisaku Oku Hanako vol.2 (自主制作 奥華子) (self-production)
  3. [2004.08.26] Hanabi (花火; Fireworks) (indies)
  4. [2004.12.27] Jishu Seisaku Oku Hanako vol.3 (自主制作 奥華子) (self-production)
  5. [2005.03.20] Jishu Seisaku Oku Hanako vol.4 (自主制作 奥華子) (self-production)
  6. [2005.07.27] Yasashii Hana (やさしい花; Gentle Flower)
  7. [2006.01.18] Mahou no Hito (魔法の人; Magic Person)
  8. [2006.02.15] Koi Tsubomi (恋つぼみ; Love Bud)
  9. [2006.07.12] Garnet (ガーネット)
  10. [2006.12.06] Chiisa na Hoshi (小さな星; Tiny Star)
  11. [2008.01.23] Tegami (手紙; Letter)
  12. [2008.07.23] Ashita Saku Hana (明日咲く花; Flower Which Blooms Tomorrow)
  13. [2008.11.19] Anata ni Suki to Iwaretai (あなたに好きと言われたい; I’d Like To Call You My Favorite)
  14. [2009.06.03] Waratte Waratte (笑って笑って; Smile Smile)
  15. [2009.08.07] Hanabi (花火; Fireworks) (re-release)
  16. [2010.03.17] Hatsukoi (初恋; First Love)
  17. [2010.08.04] Garasu no Hana (ガラスの花; Glass Flower)
  18. [2011.01.11] Cinderella (シンデレラ)
  19. [2011.04.20] Kimi no Egao (君の笑顔)
  20. [2014.01.22] Fuyu Hanabi (冬花火; Winter Fireworks)
  21. [2015.03.18] Kimi ga Kureta Natsu (君がくれた夏; The Summer You Gave Me)
  22. [2015.07.22] Kusabi (楔 ‐くさび; Coin)


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