Oku Hanako – Oku Hanako BEST -My Letters- (奥華子) [Album]

Oku Hanako – Oku Hanako BEST -My Letters- (奥華子) [Album]

Download Oku Hanako - Oku Hanako BEST -My Letters- (奥華子) [Album]

Download Oku Hanako – Oku Hanako BEST -My Letters- (奥華子) [Album]

Oku Hanako BEST -My Letters- is Oku Hanako’s third best album. It was released in three versions, a limited 3CD+2DVD BOX edition coming with an exclusive DVD containing various bonus footage, a 100-page history photobook, a limited bandana and a limited sticker, a special 3CD+DVD edition and a regular 2CD edition.

The album reached #9 on the Oricon charts and charted for 8 weeks, selling 15,724 copies.


  • Oku Hanako


  • Oku Hanako BEST -My Letters- (奥華子)


  • 2012.02.22


Disc 1 “Koi no Uta”

  1. Garnet (ガーネット)
  2. Mahou no Hito (魔法の人; Magic Person)
  3. Koi (2012 Arrange version) (恋; Love)
  4. Saishuu Densha (最終電車; Last Tram)
  5. Kawaranai Mono (変わらないもの; Things That Won’t Change)
  6. Cinderella (シンデレラ)
  7. Himitsu no Takaramono (秘密の宝物; Secret Treasure)
  8. Trump (トランプ)
  9. Yuudachi (夕立; Evening Shower)
  10. Toumei Kasa (透明傘; Transparent Umbrella)
  11. Anata ni Suki to Iwaretai (あなたに好きと言われたい; I’d Like To Call You My Favorite)
  12. Ichibanboshi (一番星; The First Star To Appear In The Evening)
  13. Boku no Shiranai Kimi (僕の知らない君; You Who Do Not Know Me)
  14. Saigo no Koi (最後の恋; Last Love)
  15. Hatsukoi (初恋; First Love)

Disc 2 “Ai no Uta”

  1. Yasashii Hana (やさしい花; Gentle Flower)
  2. Shiawase no Kagami (しあわせの鏡; Mirror Of Happiness)
  3. Birthday
  4. Waratte Waratte (笑って笑って; Smile Smile)
  5. Kaette Oide (帰っておいで; Come Back To Me)
  6. Meiro (迷路; Maze)
  7. Kimi no Egao (君の笑顔; Your Smile)
  8. Futari Kinenbi (二人記念日)
  9. Happy days
  10. Time Note (タイムカード)
  11. Tegami (手紙; Letter)
  12. Sonna Kaze ni Shika Ienai Kedo (そんな風にしか言えないけど; Say It Like The Wind)
  13. Ai wo Mitsuketa Basho (愛を見つけた場所; The Place Where You Find Love)
  14. Genki de Ite ne (2012 Acoustic version) (元気でいてね; I’ll Be Fine)
  15. Ashita Saku Hana (明日咲く花; Flower Which Blooms Tomorrow)

Disc 3 “Unreleased Songs”

  1. Oshibana (押し花; Pressed Flower)
  2. Gekkou (月光; Moonbeam)
  3. Sorezore (それぞれ; Each And Every)
  4. Tsunagaru Basho -Yaon no Uta- (つながる場所 -野音のうた-)
  5. Chiisa na Kagayaki -a song for Borneo- (小さな輝き -a song for Borneo-; Little Shine)
  6. Dosanko Hanako no Uta (どさん子華子のうた)
  7. Hataraku Neko (働くネコ)

Download Oku Hanako – Oku Hanako BEST -My Letters- (奥華子) [Album]

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