Ho-kago Tea Time Discography

2016/04/29 12:35:46 PM
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Ho-kago Tea Time

Ho-kago Tea Time (放課後ティータイム), often abbreviated as HTT, is the main band of the series K-ON!. The name translates into English as After-School Tea Time.


  1. [2009.04.22] Cagayake! GIRLS
  2. [2009.04.22] Don’t say ‘lazy’
  3. [2009.05.09] Fuwa Fuwa Time
  4. [2010.04.28] GO! GO! MANIAC
  5. [2010.04.28] Listen!!
  6. [2010.06.02] Pure Pure Heart
  7. [2010.08.04] No, Thank you!
  8. [2010.08.04] Utauyo!! MIRACLE
  9. [2010.09.08] Gohan wa Okazu
  10. [2011.12.07] Singing!
  11. [2011.12.07] Unmei wa Endless!

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