UNISON SQUARE GARDENUNISON SQUARE GARDEN (ユニゾン・スクエア・ガーデン) is a three-piece Japanese rock band that formed in April 2004 and signed to TOY’S FACTORY label. Their early releases were electropop-based, but over time become a rock style. UNISON SQUARE GARDEN were previously signed to the indie record label UK PROJECT. On July 23rd 2008, they made their major debut with the re-release of their demo single “Sentimental Period”.


Studio Albums

  1. [2009.04.15] UNISON SQUARE GARDEN
  2. [2010.04.07] JET CO.
  3. [2011.07.06] Populus Populus
  4. [2013.02.06] CIDER ROAD
  5. [2014.08.27] Catcher In The Spy
  6. [2015.07.22] DUGOUT ACCIDENT
  7. [2016.07.06] Dr.Izzy
  8. [2018.01.24] MODE MOOD MODE


  1. [2006.08.xx] Shinsekai Note (新世界ノート) (indies)
  2. [2008.01.16] Shinsekai Note (新世界ノート) (indies) (Re-release)
  3. [2008.01.16] Ryuusei Zenya (流星前夜) (indies)


  1. [2008.07.23] Sentimental Period (センチメンタルピリオド)
  2. [2009.01.28] Master Volume (マスターボリューム)
  3. [2010.02.10] cody beats
  4. [2010.11.24] Scarsdale (スカースデイル)
  5. [2011.05.11] Orion wo Nazoru (オリオンをなぞる; To Trace the Orion)
  6. [2012.07.25] Ryusei no Squall (流星のスコール; Squall of Meteors)
  7. [2012.09.19] Linear Blue wo Kikinagara (リニアブルーを聴きながら; While listening “Linear Blue”)
  8. [2013.11.06] Sakura no Ato (all quartets lead to the?) (桜のあと; After the Cherry Blossoms)
  9. [2014.02.05] harmonized finale
  10. [2015.05.20] Sugar Song to Bitter Step (シュガーソングとビターステップ; Sugar Song and Bitter Step)
  11. [2017.08.09] 10% roll, 10% romance
  12. [2017.11.08] Invisible Sensation
  13. [2017.11.15] fake town baby
  14. [2018.03.14] Haru ga Kite Bokura

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