Sword Art Online Original Soundtrack 2 [MP3/320K/ZIP][2013.10.15]

2018/07/13 5:23:51 PM
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Sword Art Online Original Soundtrack 2 (Download)

Sword Art Online Bonus Disc 7 / Sword Art Online Original Soundtrack 2

All composed and arranged by Yuki Kajiura

01. swordland ~ to be continued.mp3
02. friendly feelings.mp3
03. sorrowfully.mp3
04. critical phase.mp3
05. victory.mp3
06. a new world of fairies.mp3
07. fly higher and faster.mp3
08. in time of peace.mp3
09. fly, if you can.mp3
10. fight with a devil.mp3
11. she is still sleeping.mp3
12. past sadness.mp3
13. is this love.mp3
14. town in the morning.mp3
15. climbing up the world tree.mp3
16. I wonder.mp3
17. Yui.mp3
18. is this love ~ piano only ver..mp3
19. Oberon.mp3
20. in the cage.mp3
21. got to win.mp3
22. aerial fight.mp3
23. false king.mp3
24. last flight.mp3
25. reconciliation.mp3
26. dance with me.mp3
27. aincrad.mp3

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