Symphonic Alicization Orchestra #8 & Original Soundtrack Alicization vol.3 [MP3/320K/ZIP][2019.08.28] elevator clerk.mp3
02.the Blue Rose Sword battle.mp3
03.Fizel & Linel.mp3
04.a desperate battle, no way back.mp3
05.she was sitting under the osmanthus tree.mp3
08.the battle with Chudelkin.mp3
09.his pain and his anger.mp3
10.Alice Synthesis Thirty.mp3
11.telling the old story.mp3
13.who shall win the battle.mp3
14.if I could reach your hand.mp3
15.if she was here #2.mp3
16.I wish I could be with him….mp3
17.1EMON 1-51.mp3
18.The battle with minions.mp3
19.Alice, now you are back!.mp3
20.Sword Golem.mp3
21.she can’t stand for it.mp3
22.a holy sword in his heart.mp3
23.Blazing the future.mp3
24.Blazing the future (instrumental).mp3

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