Kis-My-Ft2 Discography

Kis-My-Ft2 Discography

Kis-My-Ft2Kis-My-Ft2 Discography

Kis-My-Ft2 is a Japanese pop group from the talent agency Johnny & Associates composed of seven members. They are sometimes also seen as Kis-My-Ft II, and are called Kisumai or Kisumai Futto Tsu by Japanese fans.


  1. [2012.03.28] Kis-My-1st
  2. [2013.03.27] Good Ikuze! (Goodいくぜ!)
  3. [2014.07.02] Kis-My-Journey
  4. [2015.07.01] KIS-MY-WORLD
  5. [2015.10.14] AAO
  6. [2015.11.11] Saigo mo Yappari Kimi (最後もやっぱり君)

Best Albums

  1. [2014.03.26] HIT! HIT! HIT!


  1. [2011.08.10] Everybody Go
  2. [2011.12.14] We never give up!
  3. [2012.03.21] SHE! HER! HER!
  4. [2012.08.15] WANNA BEEEE!!!/ Shake It Up
  5. [2012.11.14] Ai no Beat (アイノビート)
  6. [2013.02.13] My Resistance -Tashikanamono- / Unmei Girl (My Resistance -タシカナモノ- / 運命Girl)
  7. [2013.03.27] Ki・Su・U・Ma・I ~KISS YOUR MIND~ / S.O.S (Smile On Smile) (キ・ス・ウ・マ・イ)
  8. [2013.08.14] Kimi to no Kiseki (キミとのキセキ)
  9. [2013.11.13] SNOW DOME no Yakusoku / Luv Sick (SNOW DOMEの約束 / Luv Sick)
  10. [2014.03.05] Hikari no Signal (光のシグナル)
  11. [2014.08.13] Another Future
  12. [2014.12.24] Thank you Jan! (Thank youじゃん!)
  13. [2015.03.25] Kiss Damashii (Kiss魂)
  14. [2016.03.16] Gravity

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