FTISLAND – The Refreshment [Album]

FTISLAND – The Refreshment [Album]

FTISLAND - The Refreshment

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  • The Refreshment


  • 2007.12.06


  1. Neo Ol Ttaekkaji (너 올 때까지; Until You Return)
  2. Sarangiya (사랑이야; It’s Love)
  3. Nunmuri Deo Gakkaun Saram (눈물이 더 가까운 사람; A Person Who’s Closer to Tears)
  4. Sarangalhi (사랑앓이; Love Sick)
  5. Haengbokhamnida (행복합니다; I’m Happy)
  6. Cheondung (천둥; Thunder)
  7. Hansaramman (한사람만; Only One Person)
  8. Jibchak (집착; Cling)
  9. Namjaui Cheotsarangeun Mudeomkkaji Kanda (남자의 첫사랑은 무덤까지 간다; A Man’s First Love Follows Him to the Grave)
  10. Hajimallaeyo (하지말래요; They Said to Stop)

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