Aqua Timez Discography

Aqua Timez Discography

Aqua Timez Discography

Aqua Timez is a Japanese pop/rock band formed in 2003 and debuted in 2005 under Epic Records Japan, a sublabel of Sony Music Entertainment. Vocalist Futoshi, bassist OKP-STAR, drummer TASSHI, keyboardist mayuko and guitarist Daisuke make the line-up of Tokyo-based band.


  1. [2006.12.06] Kaze wo Atsumete (風をあつめて; Collect the Winds)
  2. [2007.11.21] Dareka no Chijou E (ダレカの地上絵; Somebody’s Above Ground Picture)
  3. [2009.03.11] Utai Sarishi Hana (うたい去りし花)
  4. [2011.02.16] Carpe Diem (カルペ・ディエム)
  5. [2012.09.05] because you are you
  6. [2014.08.27] Elf no Namida (エルフの涙; Tears of Elf)

Best Albums

  1. [2009.10.14] The BEST of Aqua Timez
  2. [2015.08.25] 10th Anniversary Best Blue
  3. [2015.08.25] 10th Anniversary Best Red


  1. [2004.04.24] Kanashimi no Hate ni Tomoru Hikari (悲しみの果てに灯る光; The Light Burns at the End of the Sadness) (Aqua Times) (Self-Production)
  2. [2005.08.24] Sora Ippai ni Kanaderu Inori (空いっぱいに奏でる祈り) (Indies)
  3. [2006.04.05] “Nanairo no Rakugaki” (「七色の落書き」; “Seven-colored Graffiti”)


  1. [2004.09.19] Itsumo Issho (いつもいっしょ; Always Together ) (Aqua Times) (Self-Production)
  2. [2006.07.05] Ketsui no Asa ni (決意の朝に; Decision in the Morning)
  3. [2006.11.22] Sen no Yoru wo Koete (千の夜をこえて; Cross Over Thousand of Nights)
  4. [2007.05.09] Shiori (しおり; Guidebook)
  5. [2007.08.01] ALONES
  6. [2007.10.31] Chiisa na Tenohira (小さな掌; The Little Palm of Hand)
  7. [2008.05.08] Niji (虹; Rainbow)
  8. [2008.10.01] Natsu no Kakera (夏のかけら; Pieces of a Summer)
  9. [2009.01.14] Velonica
  10. [2009.03.04] STAY GOLD
  11. [2009.07.29] Plumeria ~Hana Uta~ (プルメリア ~花唄~; Plumeria ~Flower Song~)
  12. [2010.01.27] Ehagaki no Haru (絵はがきの春; Postcard of Spring)
  13. [2010.10.13] GRAVITY ø
  14. [2011.01.26] Mayonaka no Orchestra (真夜中のオーケストラ; Midnight Orchestra)
  15. [2012.02.22] MASK
  16. [2012.08.22] Tsubomi (つぼみ; Bud)
  17. [2013.11.27] Eden (エデン)
  18. [2014.04.02] Tegami Henshin (手紙返信)
  19. [2015.05.06] Negao (ねがお; Sleeping Face)
  20. [2015.06.03] Shingarongu (シンガロング)
  21. [2014.12.03] Ikite (生きて; Alive)
  22. [2015.08.05] Saigo Made II (最後まで II)
  23. [2016.09.28] 12gatsu no Himawari (12月のひまわり; December Sunflower)

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