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Aki Toyosaki
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Aki Toyosaki

Toyosaki Aki (豊崎愛生) is a seiyuu and pop singer affiliated with Music Ray’n. She is a member of Music Ray’n’s seiyuu unit Sphere. Toyasaki’s career rose with her role as Hirasawa Yui in K-ON!. In October 2009, she will make her debut as a solo singer under Music Ray’n label.




Character Albums

  1. [2008.12.29] Seiken no Blacksmith Character Song Album (Lisa – with Fujimura Ayumi and Toyosaki Megumi)

Character Singles

  1. [2008.11.05] Nijiiro Chara Change! (にじいろキャラチェンジ!) (Suu – with Ito Kanae, Asumi Kana and Kato Nanae)
  2. [2009.06.17] K-ON! Image Song Hirasawa Yui (「けいおん!」イメージソング 平沢唯) (Hirasawa Yui)
  3. [2009.07.23] Hatsukoi Limited. Character File Vol.3 (初恋限定。 キャラクターファイル Vol.3) (Bessho Koyoi – with Fujimura Ayumi)
  4. [2009.08.05] Kimi e to Tsunagu Kokoro (君へとつなぐココロ) (Nakamachi Kana – with Mizuhara Kaoru and Kugimiya Rie)
  5. [2009.11.18] Miracle Happy Day (みらくるハッピーディ) (Lisa)
  6. [2010.02.10] Passionate squall (Yamanobe Tomo – with Fujimura Ayumi, Chihara Minori, Hirano Aya and Hikasa Yoko)
  7. [2010.05.12] Wishes Hypocrites (Yamanobe Tomo – with Fujimura Ayumi, Chihara Minori, Hirano Aya and Hikasa Yoko)
  8. [2010.09.21] K-ON!! Image Song Hirasawa Yui (「けいおん!!」イメージソング 平沢唯) (Hirasawa Yui)
  9. [2012.05.09] Ohanabatake ni Tsuretette (お花畑に連れてって) (Kurokami Medaka)
  10. [2012.12.05] To LOVE-Ru Darkness Character CD by Momo Belia Deviluke starring Toyosaki Aki (Momo Belia Deviluke)

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