Kalafina – Yume no Daichi (BD) [1080p] [PV]

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2015/09/10 6:12:30 AM
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Kalafina – Yume no Daichi (Download)

Kalafina is a Japanese vocal group founded by Kajiura Yuki that originally was to perform theme songs for the animated movie series Kara no Kyoukai -the Garden of sinners-. They have since continued to release music after that objective was complete. They are currently signed to SACRA MUSIC.

[2013.03.20] Kalafina - Yume no Daichi (BD) [1080p] FLAC 24-bit] - eimusics.com.mkv_snapshot_01.20_[2015.09.12_21.05.38]

Download Kalafina – Yume no Daichi (BD) [1080p] [PV]


  • Kalafina


  • Yume no Daichi


  • 04:06


  • J-Pop

Release date

  • 2013.03.20


[2013.03.20] Kalafina - Yume no Daichi (BD) [1080p] FLAC 24-bit] - eimusics.com.mkv_thumbs_[2015.09.12_21.05.13]

Download Kalafina – Yume no Daichi (BD) [1080p] [PV]

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  1. Alex Newman

    Hi this link and all the other BR 1080p links are broken :/
    Is there any possibility of this being fixed??

  2. Alex Newman

    Hello the links for this video and all the other BR 1080p videos are broken ://
    Is it possible to get them fixed?? Thanks 🙂

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