UNCHAIN Discography

UNCHAIN Discography


UNCHAIN is a Japanese rock band formed in Kyotango, Kyoto, in 1996. The group consists of Masanori Tanigawa (lead vocal and guitar), Masafumi Sato (guitar and vocals), Hiroaki Tani (bass and vocals), and Shogo Yoshida (drums). The origins of the band began with Tanigawa and his classmates, Tani and Yoshida. Later on Sato joined the band when the members were still teenagers with limited musical proficiency.

Initially known for their unique alternative rock style, they later developed a pop rock-neo soul style, including funk and dance elements. The band has scored two top-40 hit singles in Japan and their latest original album N.E.W.S. reached No. 1 on alternative rock chart of Oricon, which is equivalent of the Billboard in the United States.



  1. [2008.03.19] rapture
  2. [2009.01.18] Music is the key
  3. [2010.07.07] Hello,Young Souls!!
  4. [2011.06.29] SUNDOGS
  5. [2011.11.30] Love & Groove Delivery Vol.1
  6. [2012.04.25] Eat The Moon
  7. [2013.02.07] Love & Groove Delivery
  8. [2013.06.05] Orange
  9. [2014.02.26] Love & Groove Delivery Vol.2
  10. [2015.02.11] Love & Groove Delivery Vol.3

Mini Albums

  1. [2005.06.08] the space of the sense
  3. [2007.01.31] departure
  4. [2007.08.08] rejoice


  1. [2007.10.24] WE’VE GOT SOMETHING (ala & UNCHAIN)
  2. [2008.11.05] Across The Sky
  3. [2008.12.10] stillness in the wind
  4. [2009.01.07] Brighter Days
  5. [2009.10.14] Gravity
  6. [2010.01.20] The World Is Yours

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