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SPYAIR Discography

SPYAIR is a Japanese rock band formed in 2005. All of their older releases are permanently out of print as they were self-published and never sold in stores. They used to hold street lives in Nagoya fairly often, which is where they sold their music. The name SPYAIR was determined in one shot by the members, which came from the word spyware, a type of computer virus.

SPYAIR debuted under the indie label, U-PROJECT and switched to Sony Music Associated Records in 2010.

Studio Albums

  1. [200x.xx.xx] Can You Listen? (self-produced)
  2. [200x.xx.xx] NEXT STAGE Vol.1 (self-produced)
  3. [2008.09.10] alive (self-produced)
  4. [2011.09.21] Rockin’ the World
  5. [2012.09.19] Just Do It
  6. [2013.08.07] MILLION
  7. [2015.11.18] 4

Best Albums

  1. [2014.11.26] BEST


  1. [200x.xx.xx] I’LL BE THERE (self-produced)


  1. [2009.04.15] Japanication (ジャパニケーション) (indies)
  2. [2009.09.16] Kanjou Discord (感情ディスコード; Emotional Discord) (indies)
  3. [2010.08.11] LIAR
  4. [2010.12.01] Last Moment
  5. [2011.03.16] Japanication (ジャパニケーション)
  6. [2011.06.08] Samurai Heart (Some Like It Hot!!) (サムライハート)
  7. [2011.08.24] BEAUTIFUL DAYS
  8. [2012.03.14] My World
  9. [2012.06.27] 0 GAME
  10. [2012.09.05] Naked
  11. [2012.11.21] WENDY ~It’s You~
  12. [2013.03.13] Sakura Mitsutsuki (サクラミツツキ; Cherry Blossom Honeymoon)
  13. [2013.05.29] Niji (虹; Rainbow)
  14. [2013.07.03] Genjou Destruction (現状ディストラクション; Status Quo Destruction)
  15. [2013.11.13] JUST ONE LIFE
  16. [2014.04.30] Imagination (イマジネーション)
  17. [2015.03.25] ROCKIN’ OUT
  18. [2015.07.22] Fire Starter (ファイアスターター)
  19. [2015.10.21] I’m・A・Believer (アイム・ア・ビリーバー)

Split Singles

  1. [2012.10.17] ROCK THIS WAY (SEAMO x SPYAIR)

Digital Singles

  1. [2012.01.01] MOVIN’ ON
  2. [2014.10.08] GLORY

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