SpecialThanks Discography

SpecialThanks Discography


SpecialThanks is a pop-punk band from Aichi Prefecture, Japan. The band currently consists of Misaki (vocals & guitar), Sean (guitar & chorus), Lupin (bass & chorus) and Nochi (drums). Special Thanks formed in 2005 and has gone through various lineup changes before even releasing their first album, Seven Colors, in August 2008.



  1. [2008.08.06] SEVEN COLORS
  2. [2009.08.05] SEVEN SHOWERS
  3. [2010.09.22] SEVEN LIVES plus 1
  4. [2011.01.26] SEVEN LOVERS
  5. [2013.12.04] MOVE ON
  6. [2014.11.05] ROCK’N’ROLL (SpecialThanks x Mix Market)
  7. [2015.07.08] missa
  8. [2017.05.10] Anthem

Mini Albums

  1. [2012.12.05] CAMPANULA E.P
  2. [2016.05.11] heavenly
  3. [2018.02.21] HEART LIGHT


  1. [2008.07.07] Great Guitar
  2. [2014.12.03] LOVE GOOD TIME

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