SILENT SIREN Discography

2015/10/10 8:43:49 AM
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SILENT SIREN Discography (Download)

Silent Siren

Silent Siren Discography

Silent Siren is a Japanese pop girl band debuted in 2012 and currently under Dreamusic label and Platinum Production agency.


  1. [2013.04.10] Start→
  2. [2014.02.12] 31 Wonderland
  3. [2015.02.25] Silent Siren (サイレントサイレン)
  4. [2016.03.02] S


  1. [2012.02.08] Saisai (サイサイ) (indies)
  2. [2012.07.04] Love Shiru (ラブシル) (indies)


  1. [2012.11.14] Sweet Pop!
  2. [2013.02.20] stella☆
  3. [2013.08.14] Biisan (ビーサン; Beach Sandals)
  4. [2013.10.30] I × U
  5. [2014.06.18] Lucky Girl (ラッキーガール)
  6. [2014.08.13] BANG!BANG!BANG!
  7. [2014.12.03] Koi Yuki (恋い雪; Snow in Love)
  8. [2015.01.14] KAKUMEI
  9. [2015.06.10] Happy Marriage (ハピマリ)
  10. [2015.08.05] Hachigatsu no Yoru (八月の夜; August Night)
  11. [2015.11.04] alarm

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6 Responses to “SILENT SIREN Discography”

  1. jendie

    horo why can’t i download the single “lucky girl”? it always say error. pls fix thank you very much.

  2. - rC4z3n -

    Please fix ’31 Wonderland’. It directed me to MEGA and not to the album’s details. I can’t download the album since ‘bandwith exceeded’, I refuse to make an account to download. Thanks in advance!

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