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NICO Touches the Walls
2015/01/19 7:09:49 AM
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NICO Touches the WallsNICO Touches the Walls is a Japanese rock band signed to Sony Music Entertainment’s sub-label Ki/oon Records and managed by A-Sketch. The group was formed in 2004, in the same year, they won the Lotte Prize at the Yamaha Teen Music Festival and got a chance to sign a contract with Sony Music Entertainment. They made their major debut in 2007 with the mini-album How are you?.


Studio Albums

  1. [2008.09.24] Who are you?
  2. [2009.11.25] Aurora (オーロラ)
  3. [2011.04.06] PASSENGER
  4. [2011.12.07] HUMANIA
  5. [2013.04.24] Shout to the Walls!
  6. [2014.02.05] NICO Touches the Walls no Best (ニコ タッチズ ザ ウォールズ ノ ベスト)
  7. [2015.02.04] Howdy!! We Are Aco Touches The Walls
  8. [2016.03.16] Yuki mo Ai mo Nainante


  1. [2006.02.02] Walls Is Beginning
  2. [2006.10.18] runova x handover
  3. [2007.11.21] How are you?


  1. [2007.06.13] Primitive-disc “Eden” (Primitive-disc「エデン」)
  2. [2008.02.20] Yoru no Hate (夜の果て)
  3. [2008.06.04] THE BUNGY
  4. [2008.08.13] Broken Youth
  5. [2009.05.13] Bigfoot (ビッグフット)
  6. [2009.08.12] Hologram (ホログラム)
  7. [2009.11.04] Kakera -Subete no Omoi-tachi e- (かけら -総べての想いたちへ-)
  8. [2010.08.11] Sudden Death Game (サドンデスゲーム)
  9. [2011.01.12] Diver
  10. [2011.08.17] Te wo Tatake (手をたたけ)
  11. [2012.05.16] Natsu no Daisankakkei (夏の大三角形)
  12. [2012.12.19] Yume 1-gou (夢1号; No. 1 Dream)
  13. [2013.03.27] Mr.ECHO
  14. [2013.07.10] Niwaka Ame ni mo Makezu (ニワカ雨ニモ負ケズ)
  15. [2014.03.05] Rawhide (ローハイド)
  16. [2014.06.11] Tenchi Gaeshi (天地ガエシ)
  17. [2014.08.20] TOKYO Dreamer
  18. [2015.06.24] Massugu na Uta (まっすぐなうた)
  19. [2015.09.02] Uzu to Uzu (渦と渦)
  20. [2016.05.03] Strato (ストラト)

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