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2016/03/10 7:33:55 AM
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NEWS Discography (Download)

NEWSNEWS (also seen as News and NewS) is a Johnny & Associates Japanese pop group composed of four members. NEWS stands for the four compass directions: North, East, West and South. The group was formed in 2003 as a nine member group under the label Johnny’s Entertainment and released their debut single “NEWS Nippon”.

Studio Albums

  1. [2005.04.27] touch
  2. [2007.11.07] pacific
  3. [2008.11.19] color
  4. [2010.09.15] LIVE
  5. [2013.07.17] NEWS
  6. [2015.02.25] White
  7. [2016.03.09] QUARTETTO

Best Albums

  1. [2012.06.13] NEWS BEST


  1. [2003.11.07] NEWS Nippon (NEWSニッポン; NEWS Japan)
  2. [2004.05.12] Kibou ~Yell~ (希望 ~Yell~; Hope ~Yell~)
  3. [2004.08.11] Akaku Moyuru Taiyou (紅く燃ゆる太陽; Burning Red Sun)
  4. [2005.03.16] Cherish (チェリッシュ)
  5. [2005.07.13] TEPPEN (Summit)
  6. [2006.03.15] Sayaendou / Hadashi no Cinderella Boy (サヤエンドウ / 裸足のシンデレラボーイ; Peas / Barefoot
    Cinderella Boy)
  7. [2007.03.21] Hoshi wo Mezashite (星をめざして; Aim for the Stars)
  8. [2007.11.07] weeeek
  9. [2008.02.27] Taiyou no Namida (太陽のナミダ; Tears of the Sun)
  10. [2008.05.08] SUMMER TIME
  11. [2008.10.01] Happy Birthday
  12. [2009.04.29] Koi no ABO (恋のABO; Love’s ABO)
  13. [2010.03.31] Sakura Girl (さくらガール; Cherry Blossoms Girl)
  14. [2010.11.03] Fighting Man
  15. [2012.07.18] Chankapana (チャンカパーナ; My Dear Woman)
  16. [2012.12.12] WORLD QUEST / Pokopon Pekorya (WORLD QUEST / ポコポンペコーリャ)
  17. [2014.06.11] ONE -for the win-
  18. [2015.01.07] KAGUYA
  19. [2015.06.24] Chumu Chumu (チュムチュム)
  20. [2015.11.25] Yonjuushi (四銃士)
  21. [2016.01.20] Hikari no Shizuku / Touch (ヒカリノシズク)

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