Monogatari Fes ~10th Anniversary Story~ MEMORIAL ALBUM [MP3/320K/ZIP][2019.12.18]

M-1.06 – TV Anime “Bakemonogatari” 1st Opening Theme
M-1.07 – TV Anime “Bakemonogatari” 2nd Opening Theme
M-1.08 – TV Anime “Bakemonogatari” 3rd Opening Theme
M-1.09 – TV Anime “Nisemonogatari” 2nd Opening Theme
M-1.10 – TV Special “Hanamonogatari” Opening Theme
M-2.06 – TV Special “Tsukimonogatari” Theme Song
M-2.07 – TV Special “Owarimonogatari Second Season” Mayoi Hell Opening Theme
M-2.08 – TV Anime “Bakemonogatari” 5th Opening Theme
M-2.09 – TV Anime “Owarimonogatari” Sodachi Riddle Opening Theme
M-2.10 – TV Anime “Owarimonogatari” Ougi Formula Opening Theme
M-2.11 – “Otorimonogatari” Opening Theme
M-2.12 – TV Anime “Nisemonogatari” 3rd Opening Theme
M-3.04 – “Nekomonogatari (Shiro)” Opening Theme
M-3.05 – TV Anime “Bakemonogatari” 4th Opening Theme
M-3.06 – TV Anime “Owarimonogatari” Sodachi Lost Opening Theme
M-3.07 – TV Special “Owarimonogatari Second Season” Ougi Dark Opening Theme
M-3.08 – TV Special “Owarimonogatari Second Season” Hitagi Rendezvous Opening Theme
M-3.10 – iOS/Android Game “pucpuc” Theme Song
M-3.12 – TV Anime “Bakemonogatari” Ending Theme

01.1章…阿良々木暦×忍野忍 (朗読劇オープニング).mp3
02.2章…オールキャスト (朗読劇オープニング).mp3
03.1章…阿良々木暦×戦場ヶ原ひたぎ (朗読劇Aパート).mp3
04.2章…斧乃木余接×忍野忍 (朗読劇Aパート).mp3
05.次回豫告…阿良々木火憐×阿良々木月火 (朗読劇Aパート).mp3
06.M1 staple stable.mp3
07.M2 帰り道.mp3
08.M3 ambivalent world.mp3
09.M4 marshmallow justice.mp3
10.M5 the last day of my adolescence.mp3
01.1章…戦場ヶ原ひたぎ×神原駿河 (朗読劇Bパート).mp3
02.2章…阿良々木暦×老倉育 (朗読劇Bパート).mp3
03.3章…八九寺真宵×斧乃木余接×忍野忍 (朗読劇Bパート).mp3
04.4章…戦場ヶ原ひたぎ×貝木泥舟 (朗読劇Bパート).mp3
05.次回豫告…阿良々木火憐×阿良々木月火 (朗読劇Bパート).mp3
06.M6 オレンジミント.mp3
07.M7 terminal terminal.mp3
08.M8 sugar sweet nightmare.mp3
09.M9 mathemagics.mp3
10.M10 decent black.mp3
11.M11 もうそう.えくすぷれす.mp3
12.M12 白金ディスコ.mp3
01.1章…阿良々木暦×千石撫子×老倉育 (朗読劇Cパート).mp3
02.2章…忍野扇×忍野忍 (朗読劇Cパート).mp3
03.3章…阿良々木暦×羽川翼 (朗読劇Cパート).mp3
04.M13 chocolate insomnia.mp3
05.M14 恋愛サーキュレーション.mp3
06.M15 夕立方程式.mp3
07.M16 dark cherry mystery.mp3
08.M17 dreamy date drive.mp3
09.1章…忍野メメ-阿良々木暦×戦場ヶ原ひたぎ-オールキャスト (朗読劇エンディング).mp3
10.M18 wicked prince.mp3
11.2章…オールキャスト (朗読劇エンディング).mp3
12.M19 君の知らない物語 (TV size).mp3

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