02 MEGALOBOX (Sorrow).mp3
03 MEGALOBOX (Acoustic).mp3
04 MEGALOBOX (Emotional).mp3
05 Beginning of the Fight.mp3
06 Battlefield.mp3
07 Deadlock.mp3
08 The theme of Gansaku Nanbu.mp3
09 The theme of Gansaku Nanbu (Sorro.mp3
10 The theme of Gansaku Nanbu (Slow).mp3
11 The theme of Gansaku Nanbu (Playf.mp3
12 A Day In The Life.mp3
13 The theme of Sachio.mp3
14 The theme of Sachio (Sorrow).mp3
15 The Slum City (feat. COMA-CHI).mp3
16 The Slum City (Instrumental).mp3
17 The Slum.mp3
18 The Slum (Night).mp3
19 The Theme of Bangaichi.mp3
20 The Theme of Bangaichi (Celebrati.mp3
21 Get Up.mp3
22 The theme of Yukiko Shirato.mp3
23 The Theme of Yukiko Shirato (Slow.mp3
24 The theme of Yukiko Shirato (Slow.mp3
25 The theme of Yukiko Shirato (Fanf.mp3
26 The Theme of Fujimaki.mp3
27 The Theme of Fujimaki (Slow).mp3
28 The Theme of Aragaki.mp3
29 The Theme of Aragaki (Piano Ver.).mp3
30 Heartwarming.mp3
31 The theme of Mikio Shirato.mp3
32 The theme of Mikio Shirato (Slow).mp3
33 Lost In Grief.mp3
34 Lost In Grief (Deep).mp3
35 Conflict.mp3
36 Conflict (Slow).mp3
37 Change the Situation 1.mp3
38 Change the Situation 1 (Short ver.mp3
39 Change the Situation 2.mp3
40 The theme of Yuri.mp3
41 The theme of Yuri (Slow).mp3
42 The theme of Yuri (Fighting).mp3
43 Darkness.mp3
44 Confession.mp3
45 Resolution.mp3
46 Resolution (Slow).mp3
47 Resolution (Emotional).mp3
48 Drive.mp3
49 Gearless Joe feat. COMA-CHI.mp3
50 Gearless Joe (Instrumental).mp3
51 Megalonia News Network.mp3
52 Enter the Arena.mp3
53 The theme of Glen Burroughs.mp3
54 The theme of Pepe Iglesias.mp3
55 We are Bangaichi feat. Sachio.mp3
56 The Beast feat. COMA-CHI.mp3
57 The Beast (Instrumental).mp3
58 Celebration.mp3
59 The Ending.mp3

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