Koyote Discography

2015/10/17 1:02:01 AM
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Koyote Discography (Download)


Koyote Discography

Koyote (코요태; also KTY, formerly Koyotae) is a Korean Dance and Hip-Hop mixed group debuted in 1998 and currently under KYT Entertainment. They had been through many changes on it’s line-up, though as a group, they are known for their catchy dance/pop songs, which have been their trademark.


  1. [1998.12.02] Koyotae (高耀太)
  2. [1999.11.06] Silyeon (실연; Demonstration)
  3. [2000.11.01] Passion
  4. [2002.03.15] Philip (必立)
  5. [2003.05.22] Bisang (비상)
  6. [2004.03.26] KOYOTE 6
  7. [2004.11.29] Rainbow
  8. [2005.09.01] Feel UP Doeda (必UP되다)
  9. [2006.09.18] London Koyote
  10. [2009.05.28] Jumpin’


  1. [2010.06.10] Koyote Ugly (코요태 어글리)
  2. [2011.08.10] Good Good Han Koyote (굿굿한 코요태)

Best Albums

  1. [2001.10.29] History (Best & Remix Album)
  2. [2006.03.23] The Koyote in Ballade Special Best Album 2000 >> 2005
  3. [2007.10.11] DANCE BEST and 9.5 (Best & Remix Album)

Other Albums

  1. [2000.09.08] KOYOTAE BEST MIX (Remix Album)
  2. [2001.12.10] Koyote & NRG Ui Eongnaneun X-Mas (코요태 & NRG의 神나는 X-Mas) (Joint/Christmas Album)
  3. [2005.12.21] Version Two Feel UP Doeda (버전투 必UP되다) (Repackage + Remix Album)


  1. [2012.01.02] Haetdeon Mal Tto Hago (했던 말 또 하고)

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