JUDY AND MARY Discography

JUDY AND MARY Discography


JUDY AND MARY Discography

JUDY AND MARY (ジュディ アンド マリー) was a Japanese rock band under Sony Music Entertainment’s EPIC Records sub-label. The band made their indie debut in 1992 with their mini-album, BE AMBITIOUS, and made their major debut in 1993 with the single “POWER OF LOVE”. The band is best known for their noisy but melodic pop and “cute punk” music in the 1990s. After multiple hiatus’ the band finally disbanded in 2001. According to a 2005 episode of MUSIC STATION the band was listed as being the 44th best-selling artist in Japan with compiled sales of over 14,130,000. A more recent figure brings the bands sales to over 14,737,920 in Japan alone.


  1. [1994.01.21] J・A・M
  2. [1994.12.01] Orange Sunshine
  3. [1995.12.04] MIRACLE DIVING
  4. [1997.03.26] THE POWER SOURCE
  5. [1998.06.24] POP LIFE
  6. [2001.02.07] WARP

Best Albums

  1. [2000.03.23] FRESH
  2. [2001.05.23] The Great Escape -COMPLETE BEST-
  3. [2006.02.08] COMPLETE BEST ALBUM “FRESH”

Mini Albums

  1. [1992.04.xx] BE AMBITIOUS (Indie)
  2. [2001.09.19] 1992 JUDY AND MARY -BE AMBITIOUS +It’s A Gaudy It’s A Gross- (re-release + DVD)


  1. [2009.08.05] 15th Anniversary COMPLETE SINGLE BOX

Live Albums

  1. [1999.03.31] 44982 VS 1650

Tribute Albums

  1. [2009.03.18] JUDY AND MARY 15th Anniversary Tribute Album

Instrumental Albums

  1. [1996.10.02] Works of JUDY AND MARY


  1. [1993.09.22] POWER OF LOVE
  2. [1993.11.21] BLUE TEARS
  3. [1994.04.21] DAYDREAM
  4. [1994.08.21] Hello! Orange Sunshine
  5. [1994.11.02] Cheese “PIZZA”
  6. [1995.02.01] Chiisa na Koro Kara (小さな頃から; Since I Was Little)
  7. [1995.06.19] Over Drive
  8. [1995.10.23] Doki Doki (ドキドキ; Heartbeat)
  9. [1996.02.19] Sobakasu (そばかす; Freckles)
  10. [1996.10.28] Classic (クラシック)
  11. [1997.02.21] Kujira 12 Gou (くじら12号; Whale 12)
  12. [1997.05.21] Lovely Baby (ラブリーベイベー)
  13. [1997.10.15] LOVER SOUL
  14. [1998.02.11] Sampomichi (散步道; Walking Path)
  15. [1998.04.01] Music Fighter (ミュージックファイター)
  16. [1998.09.09] Irotoridori no Sekai (イロトリドリノ セカイ; The Colorful World)
  17. [1998.11.11] Tegami wo Kakuyo (手紙をかくよ; The Scratched Letter)
  18. [2000.02.23] Brand New Wave Upper Ground
  19. [2000.07.05] Hitotsu Dake (ひとつだけ; Just One)
  20. [2000.11.22] mottö (more)
  21. [2001.01.24] Lucky Pool (ラッキープール)
  22. [2001.03.09] PEACE -strings version-

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