FRUITS BASKET 1st season original sound collection [MP3/320K/ZIP][2019.10.18]

M-1.37 – Episode 5, 8 Insert Song
M-2.01 – Episode 3 Insert Song
M-2.27 – 1st Opening Theme
M-2.28 – 2nd Opening Theme
M-2.29 – 1st Ending Theme
M-2.30 – 2nd Ending Theme

01.Fruits Basket.mp3
03.It’s My Day.mp3
04.In the Sky.mp3
05.You Are All Animals.mp3
06.Soma Family.mp3
07.I Will Protect You.mp3
08.I Will Become a Cat.mp3
09.A lodger.mp3
10.Cat and Mouse.mp3
11.So That You’re Not Lonely.mp3
12.Cat Hater.mp3
13.Want to Get Along.mp3
14.Don’t Bore Me.mp3
15.Animal Fight 1.mp3
16.Memory Loss.mp3
17.I Like You, Guys.mp3
18.Snow Melts into Spring – Alt version.mp3
19.That Someone.mp3
20.Repeat And Repeat.mp3
21.Animals, Animals and Animals.mp3
23.Believe Than Doubt.mp3
25.Fruits Basket – Alt version.mp3
26.Get Dressed.mp3
27.Animal Fight 2.mp3
29.Every Night Finds a Dawn.mp3
30.The Blue Sky.mp3
32.Always by Your Side.mp3
33.I Want to Protect.mp3
34.Tradition and Oath.mp3
35.Spring Will Come When the Snow Melts Away.mp3
02.For the One Who Needs Me.mp3
03.Lost My House Again.mp3
04.In the Forest.mp3
05.Shape of Good Conscious.mp3
06.Animal Fight 3.mp3
07.Animal Fight 4.mp3
09.Fancy Myself.mp3
10.My Worth.mp3
11.I Don’t Want to Blame Anyone Anymore.mp3
12.Be Myself.mp3
13.Soma Family’s Destiny.mp3
14.In the Past and Future.mp3
16.Because You Were with Me.mp3
17.Poisonous Signal.mp3
20.Someone Is Looking.mp3
21.Your Answer.mp3
22.Hold Me Forever.mp3
24.The Cage of Zodiac.mp3
25.Deep Darkness.mp3
26.I’m the One Who’s Always Saved.mp3
28.Lucky Ending.mp3
30.One Step Closer.mp3

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