flumpool Discography

flumpool Discography


flumpool Discography

flumpool (フランプール) is a Japanese rock band from Osaka, Japan. They formed the band in 2002. In 2007 they gained a drummer and changed their name to flumpool. The band’s name is derived from the English word “four”, since there are 4 members, they took the first letter “f”, along with the word meaning mass, “lump” and the word “pool”. flumpool is under A-Sketch, the new sub-label created by AMUSE in 2008.

Studio Albums

  1. [2009.12.23] What’s flumpool!?
  2. [2011.01.26] Fantasia of Life Stripe
  3. [2012.12.12] experience

Best Albums

  1. [2014.05.21] The Best 2008-2014 “MONUMENT”

Remix Albums

  1. [2009.12.23] What’s Red Dracul Scar Tissue !?
  2. [2011.01.26] Fantezie muzicală de curcubeul vieţii
  3. [2012.12.12] experimental (Red Dracul Scar Tissue x Jazztronik)


  1. [2008.11.19] Unreal


  1. [2007.07.24] Mirai Kanai (ミライカナイ)
  2. [2008.08.27] labo
  3. [2008.10.01] Hana ni Nare (花になれ; Become a Flower)
  4. [2008.11.05] Over the rain ~Hikari no Hashi~ (Over the rain ~ひかりの橋~; Bridge of Light)
  5. [2009.02.25] Hoshi ni Negai wo (星に願いを; Wish Upon a Star)
  6. [2009.10.14] Frame (フレイム)
  7. [2009.11.18] Mitsumetetai (見つめていたい; I Want to Be Gazing at You)
  8. [2009.07.01] MW ~Dear Mr. & Ms. Picaresque~ / Natsu Dive (MV ~Dear Mr. & Ms. ピカレスク~ / 夏Dive)
  9. [2010.02.03] Zanzou (残像)
  10. [2010.06.23] reboot ~Akiramenai Uta~ / Nagareboshi (reboot ~あきらめない詩~ / 流れ星)
  11. [2010.09.29] Kimi ni Todoke (君に届け; Reaching You)
  12. [2010.12.15] Snowy Nights Serenade ~Kokoro Mademo Tsunagitai~ (Snowy Nights Serenade ~心までも繋ぎたい~)
  13. [2010.12.22] two of us
  14. [2011.07.27] Donna Mirai ni mo Ai wa Aru / Touch (どんな未来にも愛はある / Touch)
  15. [2011.09.07] Akashi (証; Proof)
  16. [2011.12.07] Present
  17. [2012.07.04] Because… I am
  18. [2012.11.07] Answer
  19. [2013.07.03] Taisetsu na Mono wa Kimi Igai ni Miataranakute / Binetsu Refrain (大切なものは君以外に見当たらなくて / 微熱リフレーム; There is Nothing More Precious Than You / Slight Fever)
  20. [2013.10.02] Tsuyoku Hakanaku / Belief ~Haru wo Matsu Kimi e~ (強く儚く / Belief ~春を待つ君へ~)
  21. [2015.05.13] FOUR ROOMS
  22. [2015.08.05] Natsu yo Tomenaide ~You’re Romantic~ (夏よ止めないで; Don’t Stop, Summer)
  23. [2016.02.10] Yoru wa Nemureru kai? (夜は眠れるかい?)

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