Shimokawa Mikuni – Heavenly [Album]


Shimokawa Mikuni – Heavenly

Download Shimokawa Mikuni - Heavenly [Album]

Download Shimokawa Mikuni – Heavenly [Album]


  • Shimokawa Mikuni


  • Heavenly


  • 2009.03.18


  1. Shooting Star
  2. Fuyu no Knife (冬のナイフ)
  3. tsubomi (蕾 ~tsubomi~)
  4. Friends (フレンズ)
  5. Ano Hi ni Kaeritai ~Kanzenban~ (あの日に帰りたい ~完全版~)
  6. Tegami (手紙)
  7. Kimi no Coat (君のコート)
  8. Chain (Album Mix)
  9. Iijanai!? (イ~じゃナイ!?)
  10. Yume no Tochuu de (夢の途中で)
  11. Tegami ~Dai 2 Shou~ (手紙 ~第2章~)
  12. Nezumi wa Kome ga Suki (ねずみは米がすき) (Yang Chengang cover)
  13. Naked ~Asian Lovers Version~
  14. Epilogue ~Arigatou no Uta~ (ありがとうのうた)

Download Shimokawa Mikuni – Heavenly [Album]

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