FLOWER FLOWER – Mi (実) [Album]

FLOWER FLOWER – Mi (実) [Album]
Download FLOWER FLOWER - Mi (実)

Download FLOWER FLOWER – Mi (実)

Mi is the first album released by FLOWER FLOWER.




  • Mi (実)


  • 2014.11.26

Catalog Number

  • SRCL-8499


  1. Negai (願い; Wish)
  2. Kamisama (神様; God)
  3. Kuuki (空気; Air)
  4. Toumei na Uta (とうめいなうた; Transparent Song)
  5. Ohayou no Kiss wo (おはようのキスを; A Good Morning Kiss)
  6. Suiteki (水滴; Drop of Water)
  7. Subarashii Sekai (素晴らしい世界; Wonderful World)
  8. Sekiwotatsu (席を立つ; Leave the Seat)
  9. Hikari (ひかり; Light)
  10. Kimi no Koto (きみのこと; Of You)
  11. Start Line (スタートライン)
  12. Tsuki (月; Moon)
  13. bye bye (バイバイ)

Download FLOWER FLOWER – Mi (実) [Album]

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