CHEMISTRY – Re:fo(u)rm [Album]

CHEMISTRY – Re:fo(u)rm [Album]
Download CHEMISTRY - Refo(u)rm [Album]

Download CHEMISTRY – Re:fo(u)rm [Album]

Download CHEMISTRY – Re:fo(u)rm [Album]

Re:fo(u)rm is the first remix album released by CHEMISTRY. The album reached #25 on the Oricon weekly charts and charted for 4 weeks.




  • Re:fo(u)rm


  • 2006.08.09


  1. Here I am (chemistry brothers mix by NIRGILIS)
  2. Kimi ga Iru (MATALLY New Era Mix) (キミがいる; You’re Here)
  3. Two As One (DEPAPEPE Remix) (CHEMISTRY x Crystal Kay)
  4. nothing (Takagi Masakatsu Remix)
  5. Wings of Words (alas de palabras)
  6. Densetsu no Sougen (Patrick Stump Remix) (伝説の草原; Prairie Legend)
  7. Namida no Ato (breakthrough Remix) (涙のあと; After the Tears)
  8. almost in love (Tomita Lab. Remix)
  9. Grind For Me (PUM PUM Mix CHEMISTRY feat. BOY-KEN)
  10. Long Long Way (In-Sist MIX)
  11. believin’ (Tahiti80 Remix)
  12. Dance With Me (United Fellows Mix) (f GAKU-MC)
  13. for… (pf Ver. feat. Yamashita Yousuke)
  14. Change The World (Dub mix)

Download CHEMISTRY – Re:fo(u)rm [Album]

[2006.08.09] CHEMISTRY – Re:fo(u)rm [Album] –

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