[Album] amazarashi – 0.7 [MP3/320K/ZIP][2012.11.28]

[Album] amazarashi – 0.7 [MP3/320K/ZIP][2012.11.28]

01 Poeji (ポエジー) [Live].mp3
02 LOVE SONG (ラブソング) [Live].mp3
03 NAGARUNAGARU (ナガルナガル) [Live].mp3
04 Karappo no Sora Ni Tsubusareru (空っぽの空に潰される) [Live].mp3
05 Mudai (無題) [Live].mp3
06 Touhikou (逃避行) [Live].mp3
07 APOLOGY (アポロジー) [Live].mp3
08 Shounen Shoujo (少年少女).mp3
09 Karma (カルマ) [Live].mp3
10 Sumidagawa (隅田川) [Live].mp3
11 ICECREAM (アイスクリーム) [Live].mp3
12 Natsu wo Matte Imashita (夏を待っていました) [Live].mp3
13 HALLELUJAH (ハレルヤ) [Live].mp3
14 NAMONAKI HITO (ナモナキヒト) [Live].mp3
15 Owari de Hajimari (終わりで始まり) acoustic [Live].mp3

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