BY2 Discography

BY2 Discography


BY2 Discography

By2 is a Singaporean Mandopop girl group comprised of twins. Prior to the group’s debut, they moved to Taiwan to further their careers. In 2008, they made their debut with the album, 16 Wèi Chéngnián.

Their group name comes from their surname, “Bai”, and the fact that they are twins (2).


  1. [2008.07.25] 16 Wèi Chéngnián (16未成年; 16 Underage)
  2. [2009.04.10] Twins
  3. [2010.04.09] Chéngrén Lǐ (成人禮; Grown Up)
  4. [2011.10.02] 90’NàoNow (90’鬧Now; 90′ Make Noise Now)
  5. [2013.09.18] MY.Yóu Lèyuán (MY.游樂園; My Paradise)
  6. [2015.07.21] CAT and MOUSE


  1. [2008.04.22] Buy Buy Buy
  2. [2012.08.03] 2020 Ài Nǐ Ài Nǐ (2020愛你愛妳; 2020 Love You Love You)

Digital Singles

  1. [2009.03.xx] Don’t Go Away
  2. [2010.03.15] Every time I look into your eyes
  3. [2010.10.06] Hóng Qīngtíng (紅蜻蜓; Red Dragonfly)

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