[Album] nao – 8th innocent prelude. [MP3/320K/ZIP][2018.03.23]

2018/10/27 9:36:42 AM
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nao – 8th innocent prelude. (Download)

M02 – PC Game “Pakomane: Watashi, Kyou kara Meimon Yakyuubu no Seishorigakari ni Narimasu…” Opening Theme
M03 – PC Game “Mono no Aware wa Sai no Koro” Opening Theme
M04 – PC Game “Love Love Sisters ~Hanayome & Shimaitachi to no Dokidoki Harem Seikatsu~” Opening Theme
M05 – PC Game “Ore no Kanojo ga Gachi Hentai Sugiru” Ending Theme
M06 – PC Game “Niiduma Koyomi” Opening Theme
M07 – PC Game “Princess Love Life -Mo-tto! Ichaicha☆Paradise-” Opening Theme
M08 – PC Game “Ore no Kanojo ga Gachi Hentai Sugiru” Opening Theme
M09 – “Princess Love Life” Opening Theme
M10 – PC Game “Lovelydays of Girlfriends & Me” Insert Song
M11 – PC Game “ChronoBox” Insert Song

01. Diva.mp3
02. Defiled Venus.mp3
03. 色化粧.mp3
05. みんな! うぇるかむ! ココここ部!.mp3
06. 新妻こよみ.mp3
07. もっと! イチャ☆LOVEぱらだいす.mp3
08. コンビねぇション・プラクティス!.mp3
09. とある小国のお姫様が、会ったこともない兄の家にやってきて住みついた事情。.mp3
10. my vision.mp3
11. Blume.mp3
12. Traum.mp3

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