[Album] Mili – Millennium Mother [CD/FLAC/ZIP][2018.04.25]

2018/12/27 7:36:48 AM
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Mili – Millennium Mother (Download)

Mili is an indies international music producing group consisting of 6 talented minds — with a background in classical music, composer/guitarist Yamato Kasai produces a wide range of music pieces; fluently trilingual Canadian vocalist momocashew writes lyrics in many languages and sings with an angelic voice; highly skilled bassist Yukihito Mitomo and drummer Shoto Yoshida provide a solid backbone to Mili’s music with various techniques; stylist/designer/art director Ame Yamaguchi and illustrator/animator Ao Fujimori visually depict the magical world of Mili.

01. Boys in Kaleidosphere.flac
02. Camelia.flac
03. Summoning 101.flac
04. Vitamins feat. world’s end girlfriend.flac
05. Lemonade.flac
06. 奶水.flac
07. world. search (you);.flac
08. Mushrooms.flac
09. Gertrauda.flac
10. TOKYO NEON.flac
11. Extension of You.flac
12. Mirror Mirror.flac
13. With a Billion Worldful of <3 feat. DÉ DÉ MOUSE.flac
14. Every Other Ghost.flac
15. Fossil.flac
16. Rubber Human.flac
17. Excαlibur.flac
18. Let the Maggots Sing.flac
19. Nine Point Eight -special edit-.flac
20. Still Alive.flac

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