[Album] KOKIA – History [MP3/320K/ZIP][2012.08.31]

2018/06/20 4:32:00 AM
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KOKIA – History (Download)

01. U-CHA-CHA.mp3
02. Hello Passing Days.mp3
03. Hana.mp3
04. Ningen tte Sonna Mono ne.mp3
05. Douke.mp3
06. Watashi wa Utau Kotori Desu.mp3
07. 5-tsu Me no Kisetsu (A Capella).mp3
08. Obaa-chan.mp3
09. Sekai no Owari ni.mp3
10. I believe ~umi no soko kara~.mp3
11. Utaubito.mp3
01. il Mare dei Suoni.mp3
02. Faraway.mp3
03. Chouwa.mp3
04. Ai ha Kodoma Suru (Piano hikigatari with cello).mp3
05. Kono Chikyuu ga Marui Okagede.mp3
06. Ai to Heiwa to Ongaku to.mp3
07. Ashioto.mp3
08. Sekai Wo Tsutsumu Ribbon In Our Heart.mp3
09. give & take.mp3

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