[Album] E-girls – E-girls [MP3/320K/ZIP][2020.12.23]

[Album] E-girls – E-girls [MP3/320K/ZIP][2020.12.23]

01.Love ☆ Queen.mp3
02.Making Life!.mp3
03.What I Want Is.mp3
04.Y.M.C.A. (E-girls version).mp3
05.Pain, pain.mp3
07.Show Time.mp3
08.Keep on.mp3
09.My Way feat. FIRE BALL, MIGHTY CROWN & PKCZ(R).mp3
10.Let’s Feel High feat. MIGHTY CROWN & PKCZ(R).mp3
13.Easy come, Easy go.mp3
14.VICTORY (E-girls version).mp3
01.Smile For Me.mp3
02.Tomorrow will be a good day.mp3
03.Piece of your heart.mp3
05.ひとひら (1).mp3
06.LAST CHRISTMAS (E-girls version).mp3
08.Run with You.mp3
10.THE NEVER ENDING STORY ~君に秘密を教えよう~.mp3
11.Just a little.mp3
12.Perfect World.mp3
14.So many stars.mp3
01.Celebration! E.G.11 version.mp3
02.One Two Three E.G.11 version.mp3
03.Follow Me E.G.11 version.mp3
04.CANDY SMILE E.G.11 version.mp3
05.ごめんなさいのKissing You E.G.11 version.mp3
06.クルクル E.G.11 version.mp3
07.Diamond Only E.G.11 version.mp3
08.Highschool (白抜きハート記号) love E.G.11 version.mp3
09.Mr.Snowman E.G.11 version.mp3
10.Anniversary!! E.G.11 version.mp3
11.Dance Dance Dance E.G.11 version.mp3
12.Merry × Merry Xmas★ E.G.11 version.mp3
13.DANCE WITH ME NOW! E.G.11 version.mp3
14.STRAWBERRY サディスティック E.G.11 version.mp3
15.E.G. summer RIDER E.G.11 version.mp3
16.Pink Champagne E.G.11 version.mp3
17.Go! Go! Let’s Go! E.G.11 version.mp3

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