[Album] AZU – BEST [MP3/320K/ZIP][2012.10.31]

[Album] AZU – BEST [MP3/320K/ZIP][2012.10.31]

01 Ima Sugu ni….mp3
02 Jikan yo Tomare feat. SEAMO.mp3
03 I WILL.mp3
04 To You….mp3
05 Ring~M&M~.mp3
06 Broken Heart.mp3
07 YOU & I feat. LOVE LOVE LOVE.mp3
08 For You.mp3
09 Stay with me.mp3
10 Tomodachi.mp3
11 Anata ni Aitakute feat . Spontania.mp3
12 Donna ni Hanare Temo duet with AZU (Rearrange ver.).mp3
13 Tsuyoku tsuyoku.mp3
14 LOVE HUG.mp3
15 Woman.mp3
01 Kimi ni Yomu Uta.mp3
02 Koi Iro.mp3
03 love groovin’ feat. KURO (from HOME MADE Kazoku).mp3
04 What Girls Want.mp3
05 letter… ~Taisetsu na Hito e~.mp3
06 Angel.mp3
07 Strawberry Pie.mp3
08 WONDERFUL Xmas.mp3
09 Candy Boy feat. Hinouchi Emi.mp3
10 A.Z.U.mp3
11 Milk.mp3
12 I like u.mp3
13 Mr. Right.mp3
15 Saigo no Love Song.mp3
16 Mata ne..mp3
17 Be As One.mp3
01 Kokoro no Koe AZU feat. SEAMO.mp3
02 Itsumademo. AZU feat. Karutetto.mp3
04 Kiss Kiss Kiss AZU & yukako feat. SEAMO.mp3
05 Onaji Sora Mitsumeteru Anata ni AZU feat. Spontania.mp3
06 Mata Aitakute AZU feat. MAKAI.mp3
07 Every 4 U AZU feat. S’capade.mp3
08 Donna ni Hanarete mo duet with AZU feat. KG.mp3
09 Kotoba Ijou AZU feat. Crystal Boy.mp3
10 Were you happy AZU feat. SEAMO.mp3
11 Chiisa na Hikari AZU feat. Hinouchi Emi.mp3
12 Aisaretai… Aishiteru AZU feat. K.J..mp3
13 To You… Moichido AZU feat. Sunya.mp3
14 Departure AZU feat. GOKIGEN SOUND.mp3

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