9mm Parabellum Bullet Discography

9mm Parabellum Bullet

9mm Parabellum Bullet Discography

9mm Parabellum Bullet is a Japanese rock band signed to EMI Music Japan and managed by Zankyo Management. 9mm Parabellum Bullet debuted with the mini-album Gjallarhorn under the independent label Zankyo record. Their music could generally be described as fast-paced, energetic rock with hints of punk and metal influence.

Studio Albums

  1. [2007.11.14] Termination
  2. [2008.10.15] VAMPIRE
  3. [2010.04.24] Revolutionary
  4. [2011.06.15] Movement
  5. [2012.08.29] MTV Unplugged
  6. [2013.06.26] Dawning
  7. [2016.04.27] Waltz on Life Line

Best Albums

  1. [2014.07.09] Greatest Hits


  1. [2004.10.xx] Talking Machine e.p.
  2. [2005.12.08] Gjallarhorn 
  3. [2006.09.09] Phantomime
  4. [2007.05.16] The World e.p.
  5. [2007.10.10] Discommunication e.p.
  6. [2009.06.03] Black Market Blues e.p.
  7. [2009.09.30] Cold Edge e.p.
  8. [2011.09.07] Kamome e.p. (カモメ e.p.; Seagull)


  1. [2008.05.21] Supernova / Wanderland
  2. [2010.01.06] Inochi no Zenmai (命ノゼンマイ; Spring of Life)
  3. [2011.05.18] Atarashii Hikari (新しい光; New Light)
  4. [2012.10.24] Heart ni Hi wo Tsukete (ハートに火をつけて; Light a Fire in My Heart)
  5. [2013.05.29] Answer And Answer
  6. [2014.12.10] Seimei no Waltz (生命のワルツ; Waltz of Life)
  7. [2015.09.09] Hangyaku no March / Dark Horse / Daremo Shiranai / Mad Pierrot (反逆のマーチ / ダークホース / 誰も知らない / Mad Pierrot)

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