Tomiko Van Discography

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: 2016/01/31

Tomiko Van

Tomiko Van Discography

Tomiko Van (伴都美子) is the vocalist for the band Do As Infinity, and also works on a solo project. Her style of music with Do As Infinity was Pop-Rock, but since has turned to more of a Jazz-influenced style. On March 29th 2006, she started her solo career with a new album, FAREWELL, and then a single, “Flower”. In 2008, Do As Infinity announced their revival and since then Van Tomiko put an “hiatus” in her solo career. She got married in September 2012.


  1. [2006.03.29] FAREWELL
  2. [2008.12.10] Van.

Cover Albums

  1. [2007.03.28] VOICE ~cover you with love~
  2. [2008.03.05] VOICE 2 ~cover lovers rock~


  1. [2006.06.07] Flower
  2. [2006.09.27] Senkou (閃光; Glint)
  3. [2006.11.29] Yumeji (夢路; Dreaming)
  4. [2008.06.18] Tokyo Biyori (東京日和; Tokyo Weather)
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