TiA Discography

: Discography
: 2015/08/04


TiA is a Japanese urban pop singer best known for singing themes for the anime NARUTO and Yakitate!! Japan. She officially debuted on the Epic Records label as TiA in June 2004, but when she moved to RAINBOW ENTERTAINMENT in 2008, she changed her name to TIA. In 2011, TIA changed the label again to Knife Edge/Pony Canyon, and returned again to former name TiA.


  1. [2004.12.15] humming
  2. [2009.10.28] message
  3. [2012.01.18] Love Attendant
  4. [2015.03.11] ACOTIC


  1. [2008.06.11] Girl’s Soul


  1. [2004.06.09] Every time
  2. [2004.08.04] Ryuusei (流星; Meteor)
  3. [2004.11.17] Negai / Birthday Eve (ねがい / バースデーイヴ; Wish)
  4. [2005.08.03] Promise
  5. [2006.03.24] Zutto Zutto… (ずっと ずっと・・・; Forever and Ever)
  6. [2012.12.19] Love Me Gimme
  7. [2014.03.12] Heart Realize
  8. [2014.10.15] The Glory Days
  • Kristians

    Not to seem like an annoying bastard, but you accidentally put Tia’s singles (“Love Me Gimme”, “Heart Realize”, and “The Glory Days”) inside TiA’s discography.

    It’s only a small detail, but I think you should rather separate Tia and TiA, as they are two completely different people.

    Thanks. 😉

  • Horo

    I do not know about it, I just follow this http://www.generasia.com/wiki/TiA, but thanks…