Nujabes Discography

: Discography
: 2016/03/27

Nujabesnujabes is the alias name for Seba Jun, an J-Hip-Hop artist and producer. He released his music under Hyde-Out Productions, a record label that he own. On February 26, 2010, Jun Seba was killed in a car accident in Tokyo upon exiting the Shuto Expressway late at night and died at a hospital in Shibuya Ward after failed efforts to revive him. His death has been confirmed through his record label, Hydeout Productions and his friend and collaborator, Shing02. His family held a private burial in Shimeyaka.


  1. [2003.04.23] Hydeout Productions 1st Collection
  2. [2003.08.21] METAPHORICAL MUSIC
  3. [2005.11.11] Modal Soul
  4. [2007.11.11] Hydeout Productions 2nd Collection
  5. [2009.05.17] Japanese Gangster
  6. [2011.12.03] Spiritual State

Compilation Albums

  1. [2004.xx.xx] Ristorante NUJABES
  2. [2005.xx.xx] Sweet Sticky Thing
  3. [2008.06.06] Modal Soul Classics
  4. [2009.xx.xx] Modal Source
  5. [2010.xx.xx] Modal Soul Classics II Dedicated To Nujabes

Tribute Albums

  1. [2010.xx.xx] Flowers For Jun
  2. [2010.xx.xx] Perry Porter – Tribute To Nujabes
  3. [2010.xx.xx] VA – Tribute To Jun (to Nujabes)
  4. [2011.xx.xx] Nujabeats (rest In Beats)
  5. [2011.xx.xx] Tribute To Jun 2


  1. [2000.xx.xx] Aint No Mystery
  2. [2000.xx.xx] Ain’t No Mystery Remixes
  3. [2002.xx.xx] Luv(sic.) Part 1
  4. [2002.xx.xx] Luv(sic.) Part 2
  5. [2003.01.07] BLESSIN’ IT feat. SUBSTANTIAL & PASE ROCK
  6. [2003.xx.xx] Flowers bw After hanabi
  7. [2003.xx.xx] LADY BROWN feat. CISE STARR
  8. [2003.xx.xx] NEXT VIEW feat. Uyama Hiroto
  9. [2003.xx.xx] Still Talking To You bw Steadfast
  10. [2004.04.10] F.I.L.O. feat. Shing02
  11. [2005.xx.xx] D.T.F.N
  12. [2010.xx.xx] Homeward Journey
  13. [2011.xx.xx] Luv(sic) Part 4


  1. [2004.xx.xx] Samurai Champloo Music Records – Depature
  2. [2004.xx.xx] Samurai Champloo Music Records – Impression
  3. [2004.xx.xx] Samurai Champloo Music Records – Katana
  4. [2004.xx.xx] Samurai Champloo Music Records – Masta
  5. [2004.xx.xx] Samurai Champloo Music Records – Playlist