Galileo Galilei Discography

: Discography
: 2014/11/21

Galileo Galilei

Galileo Galilei (ガリレオガリレイ) is a Japanese rock band formed in Hokkaido in 2007 and signed to SME Records label. On February 24th 2010, they made their major debut with the mini-album Hamanasu no Hana. Noguchi Kazumasa participated in the recording of the album PORTAL and will be joining the band as its official member. In 2012 the 5 member group turned into a trio when Noguchi Kazumasa (who just joined less than a year ago) and Iwai Fumito left the group. Ever since their PORTAL release, they have developed a more indie-pop sound compared to their previous indie-rock sound. Their album ALARMS is the most obvious of their pop endeavor.


Studio Albums

  1. [2008.01.02] 1tas2 (indies)
  2. [2011.02.16] Parade (パレード)
  3. [2012.01.25] PORTAL
  4. [2013.10.09] ALARMS
  5. [2016.01.27] Sea and The Darkness


  1. [2009.01.21] Ame Nochi Galileo (雨のちガリレオ; Rain After Galileo) (indies)
  2. [2010.02.24] Hamanasu no Hana (ハマナスの花; Japanese Rose)
  3. [2012.10.31] Baby, It’s Cold Outside
  4. [2014.10.01] See More Glass


  1. [2008.08.01] Hello Goodbye (ハローグッバイ) (indies)
  2. [2010.06.09] Natsu Sora (夏空; Summer Sky)
  3. [2010.09.22] Yotsuba Sagashi no Tabibito (四ツ葉さがしの旅人; A Traveler Looking for a Quatrefoil)
  4. [2011.01.19] Boku Kara Kimi e (僕から君へ; From Me to You)
  5. [2011.06.15] Aoi Shiori (青い栞; Blue Bookmark)
  6. [2011.09.07] Sayonara Frontier (さよならフロンティア; Goodbye Frontier)
  7. [2011.12.07] Asu e (明日へ; For Tomorrow)
  8. [2013.08.21] Circle Game (サークルゲーム)
  9. [2015.06.10] Arashi no Ato de (嵐のあとで; After the Storm)
  10. [2015.12.09] Climber (クライマー)


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