EGOIST Discography

: Discography
: 2014/09/13

EGOIST Discography

EGOIST Discography

EGOIST is a fictional band featured in the anime series Guilty Crown led by main character Yuzuriha Inori. Voiced by chelly (recruited by supercell leader Ryo), EGOIST performed both the series’ ending theme “Departures – Anata ni Okuru Ai no Uta” and the insert song “Euterpe”.


  1. [2012.09.19] Extra terrestrial Biological Entities


  1. [2011.11.30] Departures ~Anata ni Okuru Ai no Uta~ (あなたにおくるアイの歌)
  2. [2012.03.07] The Everlasting Guilty Crown
  3. [2012.12.05] Namae no Nai Kaibutsu (名前のない怪物)
  4. [2013.03.06] All Alone With You
  5. [2013.11.06] Suki to Iwareta Hi
  6. [2014.11.19] Fallen
  7. [2015.11.11] RELOADED
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