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azusa is a Japanese pop singer and a former member of the group Sparkling☆Point. After their disbandment in 2009 it was announced she would continue as a soloist, and she has been conducting solo performances as AZUSA. In 2010, she signed with Pony Canyon and made her solo debut under the stage name azusa with the single “i Love”. On November 6th, 2013, she updated her blog saying she would be going on hiatus.



  1. [2011.08.31] azusa


  1. [2010.07.21] i Love
  2. [2010.10.20] Kimi no Mama de (君のままで)
  3. [2011.04.27] Yume Note (夢ノート)
  4. [2011.05.18] Manatsu no Photograph (真夏のフォトグラフ)
  5. [2012.02.01] Check my soul
  6. [2012.02.08] Kokuhaku (告白)
  7. [2012.10.17] Taiyou no Sign (太陽のサイン)