Tommy heavenly6 Discography

Tommy heavenly6 Discography
2015/04/13 6:22:21 AM
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Tommy heavenly6 Discography (Download)

Tommy heavenly6 Discography

Tommy heavenly6 Discography

Tommy heavenly6 is meant to be the dark side and the alter-ego of Tommy february6. Music released under ‘heavenly6’ is pop rock based and features a Tommy that is more sophisticated and classy than her ‘february6’ persona. Tommy heavenly6’s character is obsessed with her image, and almost parodies modern culture. She loves reality shows (Joe Millionaire and The Osbournes), alcohol (Heineken and Corona with lime), and junk food (doughnuts, popcorn and cola, among other things).



  1. [2005.08.24] Tommy heavenly6
  2. [2007.03.07] Heavy Starry Heavenly
  3. [2009.04.29] I KILL MY HEART
  4. [2012.02.29] FEBRUARY & HEAVENLY
  5. [2013.11.27] TOMMY ♡ ICE CREAM HEAVEN ♡ FOREVER


  1. [2012.10.17] HALLOWEEN ADDICTION

Best Albums

  1. [2009.02.25] Gothic Melting Ice Cream’s Darkness “Nightmare”


  1. [2003.07.16] Wait till I can dream
  2. [2004.05.26] Hey my friend
  3. [2005.07.20] Ready?
  4. [2006.06.07] I’m Gonna SCREAM+
  5. [2006.07.05] Pray
  6. [2006.10.11] Lollipop Candy♥BAD♥girl
  7. [2006.12.06] I♥Xmas
  8. [2007.02.07] Heavy Starry Chain
  9. [2008.11.15] Unlimited Sky
  10. [2008.12.10] PAPERMOON
  11. [2010.09.22] I’M YOUR DEVIL
  12. [2011.10.26] monochrome rainbow
  13. [2013.10.02] Ruby Eyes

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