nano.RIPE Discography

nano.RIPE Discography


Nano Ripe (styled as nano.RIPE) is a four-person Japanese pop rock band that formed in 2008 as an indie band. They released one single and three albums independently, but were signed in 2010 to Lantis. They released their major debut single “Patricia” in September 2010. The band’s third and fifth singles, “Hana no Iro” and “Omokage Warp”, were used as the opening themes to the anime Hanasaku Iroha.



  1. [2011.10.19] Hoshi no Yoru no Myaku no Oto no (星の夜の脈の音の)
  2. [2012.10.03] Plus to Minus no Shikumi (プラスとマイナスのしくみ)
  3. [2014.01.08] Namida no Ochiru Sokudo (涙の落ちる速度)
  4. [2015.04.08] Nanairo Megane no Himitsu (七色眼鏡のヒミツ)

Best Albums

  1.  [2015.09.23] Shiawase no Kutsu (シアワセのクツ)


  1. [2007.03.12] Aoiro Pouch (青色パウチ)
  2. [2008.03.07] 88
  3. [2008.09.10] Sora Tobu Kutsu (空飛ぶクツ)
  4. [2009.05.31] Jiku Flask (時空フラスコ)


  1. [2004.10.31] Kiminchi e / Kimi no Uta (きみんちへ / キミノウタ)
  2. [2006.04.xx] TRICYCLE RIDER
  3. [2009.11.25] Sekaiten (世界点)
  4. [2010.09.22] Patricia (パトリシア)
  5. [2010.12.22] Flash Keeper (フラッシュキーパー)
  6. [2011.04.20] Hana no Iro (ハナノイロ)
  7. [2011.06.29] Saibou Kioku (細胞キオク)
  8. [2011.08.23] Omokage Warp (面影ワープ)
  9. [2012.01.31] Yuki no Sei (ゆきのせい)
  10. [2012.04.25] Esoragoto (絵空事)
  11. [2012.07.25] Real World (リアルワールド)
  12. [2012.10.31] Moshimo no Hanashi (もしもの話)
  13. [2013.03.06] Kagefumi (影踏み)
  14. [2013.05.22] Sankaku ep (サンカクep)
  15. [2013.10.30] Nanairo Biyori (なないろびより)
  16. [2014.07.23] Toumei na Sekai (透明な世界)
  17. [2015.07.22] Kodama Kotodama (こだまことだま)
  18. [2016.02.24] Lime Tree (ライムツリー)

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