HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR Discography

2016/01/08 12:37:17 PM
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HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR Discography (Download)


HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR Discography

HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR are a J-Rock fusion group (ala Linkin Park or ORANGE RANGE) on the Sony Music Japan label. Their name is sometimes shortened to ‘Haikara (ハイカラ)’ in Japanese. Their debut single, “PRIDE”, reached #2 on Oricon charts. On May 18th, the group announced the dissolution of the band after the release of their 15th single “Re:ache” on August 11th, 2010.


  1. [2005.09.14] G∞VER
  2. [2006.04.05] Gouon Progressive (傲音プログレッシヴ; Progressive Pride in Sound)
  3. [2007.02.21] San (参; Three)
  4. [2007.12.26] 10 COLOR SINGLES (Best Album)
  5. [2008.03.19] ROCK PIT
  6. [2008.11.26] BEEEEEEST (Selected Best Album)
  7. [2009.09.02] swamp man


  1. [2004.11.24] OVER ~Indies Version~
  2. [2005.01.26] PRIDE
  3. [2005.03.24] PRIDE Remix
  4. [2005.04.20] OVER
  5. [2005.06.22] RUN☆RUN☆RUN
  6. [2005.08.17] Days
  7. [2005.11.09] STYLE ~get glory in this hand~
  8. [2006.01.11] Ichirin no Hana (一輪の花; One Flower)
  9. [2006.07.26] DIVE into YOURSELF
  10. [2006.10.25] Enrai ~Tooku ni Aru Akari~ (遠雷 ~遠くにある明かり~; Distant Thunder ~A Far Off Light~)
  11. [2007.01.24] Tadoritsuku Basho / Oxalis (辿り着く場所 / オキザリス; The Place I Struggle to / Oxalis)
  12. [2007.08.01] Dreams
  13. [2007.12.12] Amazing
  14. [2008.02.27] Flashback / Komorebi no Uta (フラッシュバック / 木漏レビノ歌; Flashback / Sunlight Through Leaves’ Song)
  15. [2008.06.25] HOT LIMIT
  16. [2008.10.15] Remember
  17. [2010.08.11] Re:ache (リ:エイク)

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