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2015/05/24 4:00:01 PM
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HALCALI Discography (Download)

HALCALIHALCALI (ハルカリ) is a Japanese pop-rap duo currently under Epic Records Japan. The band made their debut in 2003 under the FOR LIFE MUSIC record label with the single “Tandem”. The band gained a lot of attention with their third single, “GiriGiri Surf Rider” which reached #10 on the Oricon weekly charts. Since the release of the bands first album their sales had dropped until the release of “Konya wa Boogie Back” in 2009, which reached 700,000 downloads and topped out at #4 on the Oricon rankings.



  1. [2003.09.03] HALCALI Bacon (ハルカリベーコン)
  2. [2004.11.24] Ongaku no Susume (音樂ノススメ; Recommended Music)
  3. [2007.07.18] Cyborg Oretachi (サイボーグ俺達; We, the Cyborgs)
  4. [2010.05.26] TOKYO GROOVE
  5. [2012.05.30] HALCALI no Okawari (ハルカリノオカワリ)

Remix Albums

  1. [2005.03.16] HALCALI Mix (ハルカリミックス)


  1. [2011.02.09] TOKYO CONNECTION


  1. [2003.01.08] Tandem (タンデム)
  2. [2003.04.09] Electric Sensei (エレクトリック先生; Electric Teacher)
  3. [2003.07.09] GiriGiri Surf Rider (ギリギリ・サーフライダー; Surf Rider at the Last Moment)
  4. [2003.11.26] Strawberry Chips (ストロベリーチップス)
  5. [2004.06.09] Marching March (マーチングマーチ)
  6. [2004.10.20] BABY BLUE!
  7. [2005.12.07] Tip Taps Tip
  8. [2006.02.22] Twinkle Star
  9. [2006.12.13] LOOK
  10. [2007.03.14] Tougenkyou / Lights, Camera. Action! (桃源郷; Shangri-la)
  11. [2007.06.20] It’s PARTY TIME!
  12. [2008.11.12] Long Kiss Good Bye
  13. [2009.02.11] Re:Yasashii Kimochi (Re:やさしい気持ち; Re: Good Feelings)
  14. [2009.09.23] Konya wa Boogie Back (今夜はブギー・バック; Boogie Back Tonight) (TOKYO NO.1 SOUL SET + HALCALI)
  15. [2010.01.27] ENDLESS NIGHT
  16. [2010.05.05] You May Dream (TOKYO NO.1 SOUL SET + HALCALI)
  17. [2010.09.15] Roman Hikou (浪漫飛行; Romantic Flight)

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