[Album] Mika Kobayashi – Mika Type Ro [MP3/320K/ZIP][2018.01.10]

2018/06/21 11:08:10 PM
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Mika Kobayashi – Mika Type Ro (Download)

M-2.01 – TV Anime “Attack on Titan” Insert Song Arrange
M-2.03 – TV Anime “Blue Exorcist” Insert Song
M-2.04 – TV Anime “Blue Exorcist” Insert Song
M-2.05 – OVA “Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn” Insert Song
M-2.06 – Wii U Game “XenobladeX” BGM Arrange
M-2.08 – TV Drama “Mare” Insert Song
M-2.09 – Wii U Game “XenobladeX” BGM

01. Madoromi.mp3
02. Ayatsuri Ningyou.mp3
03. Ichiri Asobi.mp3
04. Jorogumo.mp3
05. Goukin No.2.mp3
06. Tsumamigui.mp3
07. Takara Sagashi.mp3
08. Han Bun Ko.mp3
09. Ichirin Zanshi.mp3
10. Glass Doll.mp3
11. Shiikugoya.mp3
12. Naka Niwa no Baku.mp3
13. Parallel Party.mp3
14. Chinmoku.mp3
15. Sagashimono.mp3
01. attack ON titan (Mika Type Version).mp3
02. Me & Creed.mp3
03. Call me later.mp3
04. EGO.mp3
05. So nah, so fern (Mika Type Version).mp3
06. Grey to Blue.mp3
07. Your Voice.mp3

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